A love letter to jealousy

​(A love letter to jealousy to ask her for a date to end our much older fight)

Dear jealousy,

Honestly speaking

you are the one whom I hate

But still

Today I write a love letter

To ask you for a date

In venue as beautiful as sea side

At a time when we can feel moonlight

Please come

I will wait for you till infinite

In red,dressed up,when you will come

Our date selfies will become awesome

When our moods will delight

I will tell you the real purpose 

Behind why this date after so many fights

I believe you will take it positively

My purpose is not at all to 

Blame you for my poor fate

But truth is

You have taken some of my 

treasured talented friends

I miss them 

I miss the time spend

When we were friends

She had left me 

saying that  I was fake

She even not bothered to ask my stake

I don’t know why she competed with me

I compete only with myself without any break

And I wanted her success equally

And I was truely never fake

So, today I want to befriend you

And rise your zeal too

Please relationships I want you to feel

See the pleasant seaside

And the pleasant moonlight

Tell me can their pleasentness compete?

How can you tell who has a better seat?

Two different alphabets U ans S 

Sat for an exactly same test

But they couldn’t decide who was better

They were unable to compete

And then they decided

to make each other complete

And they jouned to become ‘us’

And they never again competed

To come first

Please stop making

two differently beautiful people 

feel jealous

Allow them to enjoy the ride

Seating in the same bus

Jealousy I hope you enjoyed the seaside

And if you want to enjoy more such dates and rides

I have found a proposal for you from my side

From my permanent freind “encourage”

Befriend him 

He will surely make you change

And then when both of your zeals

When will be merged

No one in this world

will ever feel immersed
(Try encouragemen whenever you see people jealoused!)

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “A love letter to jealousy

  1. The antagonist in Mahabharata is widely known as Duryodhan, when his real name was suyodhan due to his deeds. Similar is the case with jealousy, for it can be termed as healthy rivalry if it is positive

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  2. It takes a mature mind to offer olive branch to someone we hate and wonderful to see you take on jealousy with such a swift move jealousy, a knavish emotion can never think of.

    Still your preparation, your efforts for jealousy,it is difficult to see for her eyes have been blindfolded by her Soulmate ego. Nevertheless it is an lovely Effort to make it friend, and convert jealous ones to zealous friends.

    Fantastic job done

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    1. No soulmate cannot be ego..may be he can be his childhood companion who stayed with her forever.. .. every negative emotion requires a positive soulmate … Negative and negative only in mathematics they created positives..I don’t thing in reality it will ever work!
      Soulmate must complement and make her better❤

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