The Confluence

Once upon a time, Two rivers left their origin Since then and till now To various places they have been Flowing High, drifting low Through the mountains they had flowed With youth and energy inside They were naughty and quite wild Crisscrossing the hills they jumped With lots of adrenaline pumped To the plains now … Continue reading The Confluence

Zaroori tha from movie:Noor (lyrics diary)

​ This post just to complement Prankies' poem TEARS: Our Safety fuse and also his last gazal post about tears.And changing from review to diary coz I am too much of a music lover that probably I will rate every song 5/ if you want keep rating in comments or just keep enjoying my interpretations … Continue reading Zaroori tha from movie:Noor (lyrics diary)

The love songs -2

Few days when I posted the poem on tears I posted few lines of a ghazal by Saba Afghani. The mentioned ghazal sung by legendary Jagjit singh has been my long time favorite with all the couplets are perfect gem in theirselves. गुलशन की फ़क़त फूलों से नहीं काँटों से भी ज़ीनत होती है जीने … Continue reading The love songs -2