The warrior twin


There are few relations which in it carry mutual Adulation,warmth, care, love, respect and trust for each other. Brothers and sisters are one of the ilk which can be classified in it. So this is an ode as an tribute to dear warrior for being a friend, sister and motivator for me and more than that we are  spiritually twins.

The thoughts are deep lucid and clear

putting them in words you never fear

And a wide spectrum you do reach

And boundaries of conventional you have Breached

Sense you can, the emotional upheaval

And in your poems they get a proper channel

The lines, the words have a great impact

And with readers it have an instant connect

It’s always good to have a poet friend

The emotions in our poems who can sense

And if that friend is just like you

Then for each other we are Mogu

God knows how and when to send the message

And he always choose his own passage

There are reasons for people to come in your life

Either you give them florets or show the knife

Since childhood, you, I have known

And though quite big now you have grown

With you I always sensed a divine connect

Introvert you were then I suspect

Open you were to rarest few

In your mind no one could view

A reflection of mine in you I’d see

Though I never knew I was so like thee

The brotherly affection was there always

And it’d have been the same in coming days

But now we are more than that

More like warriors in combat

From bro – sis we have become friends

And this is a bond which knows no ends

I thank God for being with me

In her, your designs I can see

Through struggles in life you have been

It’s time to unleash the warrior within

Trust no one, just yourself

And you will never need magic of elf

In your endeavors you’d surely succeed

Just be Steady in your steed

See your goal and forget the rest

From heart I wish you all the best

Happy reading guys


So, now I have a poet friend cum guide

And a spritual twin

And that too a brother.

What more I require to feel blessed and lucky!

And this one is awesome,and awesome is feeling to read something exclusively written for me!

Keep scribbling with me!

Lots of love Prankies!

Good night readers

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “The warrior twin

  1. It’s your awesomeness that made me to write a poem exclusively for you. It is our mutual blessings and luck to have each other at this juncture of life. In you I see my younger self, and I missed counsel while I was off your age, so I’d be more than glad to help you out in what ever way I can

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