“Strain in the String”

Communication is the key which unlocks doors of understanding


Relationships occur by sharing of balanced equations of understanding.
When these relationships are prolonged..

We often loose the key n its value..
The lack of communication leads to misunderstandings, bore n charmless relationships..resulting in its punniness    


If ever u have a strain in any of the attached strings  

Remember opening of lump relaxes strain  


Express it all..spit out ego..be true.. n u wil always have someone to stay by

Some relationships may last longer..

Some families can be happier..

If we say what we feel..

fullfilling the huge gap between  feelings n words..

If we talk “To Eachother”  

Instead of “About Eachother”  


Cz As communication starts to fade..

Everything else follows..

True moonierbliss!

Its better to talk to each other rather than talking about eachother.

But sometimes its not easy to strain the strings I guess…

Its not easy to speak your heart and egos develop and tear people apart.

But you are correct we must speak up..

But again not always it works if the person you want to speak dont want to hear you..

Understanding is a two way process..both people should be light and help the strings to strain.

Anyway nice one!

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


4 thoughts on ““Strain in the String”

  1. Truly said that we should talk to each other rather than talk about each other.
    Communication is to relationship is like water to the plant.
    People would expect something from you but will never tell and vice versa and these things will start to create a blockage in communication. So either one should free oneself from expectations in relationships or if can’t do so must spell it out.

    Though being true is not always advisable, be true to relationship and one would know when to be truthful and when not.

    It was a good read.

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    1. Reminded of a line from ghazal of jagit singh

      गाँठ अगर पड़ जाए तो फिर रिश्ते हों या डोरी,
      लाख करें कोशिश खुलने में वक़्त तो लगता है।

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