Judging Teaches – 2(Being judged also teaches)

Being Judged also teach….

Judge Not that you’ll not be judged
Very truly The Bible said
and proving that propsition
A beautiful poem you have made

and whatsoever people say
They judge you all along
And percieve (You) through their eyes
whtehter they are right or wrong

Out in the cruel world
in a tender age
was like an experience
one has in a maze

And one of the learning
which this experience taught
was people will scrutinize
your every single thought

And you’ll be judged
for everything you’d do
Many goods would be forgotten
and you’d be castigated for few

And like a balloon it’d burst
the inflated ego of self
from a pinch of pin
You can jus see but cant help

So judgements can break you
may hamper your free thoughts
and can inflict injuries
by tying you into knots

Still i believe them to be good
for they see what they want
and you know what is good for you
by their slander and chants

You know you’ll be judged
will keep you from going stray
And you’ll keep doing good things
And for you in long run it’ll pay

You know you words always
will be scrutnized
And you gain better control
and know what needs to be voiced

Your attitude and social aptitude
will soon begin to grow
for inner pshyche of people
for you, it’ll be easier to know

So I know that i’m being judged
I know accordingly i’m adjuged
And For whole world I open chapters few
The concealed thoughts known to very few

So being judged and judging
both teaches us for sure
but requires a student adamant
who is willing and mature.

A very thoughtful poem warrior. Loved reading it and a day before reading it i was thinking to write a poem how being judged help us being better in life. In your next poem Questioned though you have shown the negative realm of the judgements of people. So what i believe is people will question each and every thing you do, criticize you, mock you but the mature person is who listens to all but knows to discern the best path available to him/her for the success. Its all about being positive in whatever position one is in life and make most of it.


I never planned writing series…it happened because my thoughts echoed. 

And now its happening because my fellow scribbler echos my thoughts and with additional maturity to it😊

Thank you Prankies for joing me here

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Judging Teaches – 2(Being judged also teaches)

  1. Thanks Warrior for your breathtaking comments,

    Like you never planned to do a series, I Never planned to be blogger. My earlier attempts at blogging failed miserably in 2006 with the blog having 3 unfinished drafts waiting to be published. I thank you for rekindling the love for writing and for past two months your blog is a pleasant distraction in this chaotic life. Hope we’ll continue to move along the symbiotic curve for eternity.

    Liked by 1 person

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