“Strain in the String”

Communication is the key which unlocks doors of understanding                                                        Relationships occur by sharing of balanced equations of understanding. When these relationships are prolonged.. We often loose the key … Continue reading “Strain in the String”

जनरेशन गैप…….!

हम लोग,जो 1950 से 1990  के बीच जन्में है,  हमें विशेष आशीर्वाद प्राप्त हैँ ... हम ना अत्याधुनिक पीढ़ी है ना अत्यन्त प्राचीन .... ....और ऐसा भी नही कि  आधुनिक संसाधनों से  हमें कोई परहेज है......!!!          लेकिन..... 👍 हमें कभी भी  जानवरों की तरह किताबों को  बोझ की तरह ढो कर … Continue reading जनरेशन गैप…….!

Judging Teaches – 2(Being judged also teaches)

​ Being Judged also teach…. Judge Not that you’ll not be judgedVery truly The Bible saidand proving that propsitionA beautiful poem you have made and whatsoever people sayThey judge you all alongAnd percieve (You) through their eyeswhtehter they are right or wrong Out in the cruel worldin a tender agewas like an experienceone has in … Continue reading Judging Teaches – 2(Being judged also teaches)