They had questioned  

her behavior

 to be too open 

And they had also questioned 

even when 

she remained shy

They had questioned

her body 

her curves to be

too attractive

And even they had

 questioned her when 

she was

 bulky unappealing in her life

Everytime they 

questioned her talents

 as if her talents

 were no big thing at all

And also 

they had questioned

 When she knew

 nothing at all 

 They had questioned

 her practicality

And also questioned

 her emotionality

they  had 

questioned her ignorance

And also her awareness

They had questioned 

her absent mindedness

And her presence too

When she had

 laughed at serious topics 

which sounded funny to her

She was questioned

 When they were having party

And she was busy 

counsoling her sad innocent heart

She was again questioned

Everytime they had 

 questioned her dresses

And at the same time

Had questioned 

her social fears

 they had  questioned 

her beauty

Her duty

And even tears


they had questioned

And They had

questioned almost everything 

Every good thing

Every bad thing

Even nothingness 

If she did was questioned


Though frustrated at times

She remained silent 

And never answered them

Because she was busy

Working on answer 

For handful of those

Who had never questioned her

These were the people who have 

Trusted her abilities

She became successful one day

And those who had questioned her 

Could never come in her way

And she was greatful

To those trusting hands

Only thanks to them she could say

There are many such “SHEs” .Salute 4 them all!And double salute to those handful trusting keys in the world who never allowed her to get locked fearing questioning!

Have a great day ahead

Yours loving warrior


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