Judging teaches

Time you are taking to decide

I can judge

you are a thinker

And I am also learning to

patiently think like you

and smater now I be

Time you take to promise

I can judge

You are trustworthy

And I am  also trying to 

learn to wait for right time like you

And to be a promising being

Time you easily spend with yourself

I can judge

You know to be satisfied and happy

And I am also learning like you

to be happy me

Everytime I see you prioritize

I can judge 

Your focused vision

And I am also learning to focus like you

and now I remain unaffected and still

When you answer my queries

I can judge

You are a problem solver 

And I am now learning to think like you

 and solve on my own queries however tough they be

The way you end up convincing me

I can judge 

You are a supportive diplomat

And I am also learning to influence like you

keeping my arguments now stronger and free

The way you are frank 

I can judge 

You give honest opinions

And I am also learning to be honest like you

And even when opinions turn against me

But the way you dominate at times

I can judge

Your ego 

but thats the only thing I want to  teach you 

And some day I will surely

So much I have learnt from you

I have almost copied you by now

By judging you I learnt

As if judging was my learning key

Never unnecessary pedagogy you did

Therefore I never fear to admit

That I learnt not because 

You were a teacher

Spoonfeeding me

You were an inspiration

And I was a observer who judged 

And learnt so much keenly

So much it is

That sometimes now I feel

To make you mine

And keep you always as my observing plea

So that I could judge you more

And for ever keep learning for free😘😜

Happy reading!

Like this post if you also keep judging people not to find their faults but to learn from them.

Yours loving warrior 


4 thoughts on “Judging teaches

  1. Being Judged also teach….

    Judge Not that you’ll not be judged
    Very truly The Bible said
    and proving that propsition
    A beautiful poem you have made

    and whatsoever people say
    They judge you all along
    And percieve (You) through their eyes
    whtehter they are right or wrong

    Out in the cruel world
    in a tender age
    was like an experience
    one has in a maze

    And one of the learning
    which this experience taught
    was people will scrutinize
    your every single thought

    And you’ll be judged
    for everything you’d do
    Many goods would be forgotten
    and you’d be castigated for few

    And like a balloon it’d burst
    the inflated ego of self
    from a pinch of pin
    You can jus see but cant help

    So judgements can break you
    may hamper your free thoughts
    and can inflict injuries
    by tying you into knots

    Still i believe them to be good
    for they see what they want
    and you know what is good for you
    by their slander and chants

    You know you’ll be judged
    will keep you from going stray
    And you’ll keep doing good things
    And for you in long run it’ll pay

    You know you words always
    will be scrutnized
    And you gain better control
    and know what needs to be voiced

    Your attitude and social aptitude
    will soon begin to grow
    for inner pshyche of people
    for you, it’ll be easier to know

    So I know that i’m being judged
    I know accordingly i’m adjuged
    And For whole world I open chapters few
    The concealed thoughts known to very few

    So being judged and judging
    both teaches us for sure
    but requires a student adamant
    who is willing and mature.

    A very thoughtful poem warrior. Loved reading it and a day before reading it i was thinking to write a poem how being judged help us being better in life. In your next poem Questioned though you have shown the negative realm of the judgements of people. So what i believe is people will question each and every thing you do, criticize you, mock you but the mature person is who listens to all but knows to discern the best path available to him/her for the success. Its all about being positive in whatever position one is in life and make most of it.

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