Because afterall the world is round!

  1. As a student of geography and geometry both, I know the world is round but only when I reflect my experiences, I can feel the this sound,that yessss the world is round! Goodbyes and hellos,if you want to feel,can have similar sound,because afterall the world is round!
  2. When first time our sections were suffled,to be precise it was 9th class, 9th A ,9th B, 9th C were mixed,my constant companion from the very beginning days of my school life was seperated,we landed in different sections , I in 9th C and she was in B,this was a goodbye which made us pay so much we never could have ever thought , differently we grew from then,harldly  the same connection we could keep,but when I met her  after years just recently,I realised the same warmth in her hello and yes !now I can say she will always stay among my bestest fellows, goodbyes therefore can be hellos , In a similar way you can feel their sound, both scientifically and psychologicaly afterall the world is round!
  3. We were neighbours and shared common school busstop, even a hunderend times my mom had said befriend her and talk, but we had rejected even each others smile,what was is it,not even hello and there was no question of goodbye,but as I told you there is something similar in this two sounds,we said hello when it was time to say goodbye,we finally became friends in last year of our school life and when this friendship started we were just into each others life,I got a gem to cherish and remain astound,trust me hellos and goodbyes have similar sound ,afterall the world is round!
  4. Our families were friends, we grew looking at each others trends,she grew too beautiful and sometimes made me jealous and may be thats why I always gave her a fake smile,but I never knew someday I will walk with her most comfortably the toughest miles,she was a fellow from my hometown but our fake goodbyes and hellos in family functions turned true only when we landed in same place and crew to carry out our higher education, slowly we became each others possession,so yes again when I reflect upon I can feel similar sounds,yes the world is definitely round!
  5. Then I met a roommate who slowly became my soulmate(yes if my female soulmate also god has made for me),college was awesome with her but when it ended we hardly talked ,she (not me)felt sometimes that our goodbye has now turned strong because further I was busy in my life and I had got friends to whom I compared to her usually but when my new roommate in a new place left me ,it was only the older sound that healed my wound,therefore I say goodbyes and hellos have similar sound,afterall the world is round!
  6. Then I met a friend who always told me “have you ever thought why we meet here in the square when we both leave our classes at different time,I smiled and said may me the world is round”. He said me good bye and also he once said me to never contact but I feel happy when my messages he still sometimes replies  because maybe  his goodbye and my hello has similar sound,all I again believe is the world is round!
  7. Then there is a new poet friend I have recently made,I have known him for long ,we had  met many times but could hardly for long communicate but when now I talk to him the greatest symbiotic curve I generate, our goodbyes we had said earlier a multiple times made no sense at all,our hellos today but definitely have refined sound,yes again I therefore say this world is round!
  8. Then I have a blogger friend who likes my blogs frequently and I like when I get his like notification sound,one day I discovered he is my father’s age and when I asked my father he recognized that unknown blogger I had found ,See now I think you equally believe that yes this world is round!
  9. Then I want to quote more but now I realise this is going too long,see I met a school friend in a alien city that too in my own flat,I had to leave that flat that is totally another story I will narrate someday for sure but let me come to the point of course , I can really make a long list if I properly do it and I can make a stats along.
  10. Some lost contacts I believe I will soon encounter again, there are many I am eagarly waiting for and I have this belief that yes I will meet them soon yes the belief is really strong,then I have a heavenly desire also to meet my grandma who is no more alive now but she is now in another world and I wonder if her world is also round?
  11.  but in no ways I am neglecting the fact that new faces ofcourse I am waiting to encounter more,the hellos and goodbyes I believe none of them is actually sour and both of them have pleasant sound,I feel lucky our planet is round!
  12. See the goodbyes can be hello too you never know , some goodbyes have happy endings though,some goodbyes generate a better beggining,when you end wrong relationship ,you can have a newer beggining for sure, your ex with whom you had ended can become your true friend if you want,some thoughts too idealistic they sound,but I believe a mutual breakup a painful good bye  can become a friendly sound if the two of them mutually agree to be comfortable to see each other with their real complementary cloud 
  13. goodye and hellos they are from the same family called salutations afterall,Goodbyes and hellos,if you want to feel,can hence have similar sound,because afterall the world is round!

Keep spreaing love the one you spread will reach soon to you back and by now I think you believe in my sound!

Because scientifically and psychologicaly yes our earth is round and we will go back to our creater completing here our round and I want to take some good deeds with me , so that when he will ask me, I will flaunt!

I will say him I tried my best to walk straight in the world which you created round.

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


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