Tears : Our Safety Fuse

Oh! Thee precious gems ( tears)
Just don’t fall away
For Thy cost ‘m afraid
I can’t ever pay
Out of the cusp
Where you latently dwell
And with your pressure
These oysters ( Eyes) do swell
Your time’ll come soon
but not arrived yet
Must reach the dew point
Till then you have to wait.
And when will be that
lingering eyes often ask
“Till when the feelings
We have to mask”?
To that query
A genial smile I feign
As answer to question
Is not in my domain
Paradox reigns supreme
Often in my case
And exact opposite are feelings
And gesture on the face
But I shall open
sluice gate,I might
But only when the fate
Would let me have my heart’s delight.

A tribute to our tears which hold our pain within them.
And how invaluable tears are , can be understood by the lines below by the Saba Afgani:

जो आके रुके दामन पे सबा वो अश्क़ नहीं हैं पानी है
जो आंसू न छलके आँखों से उस अश्क की क़ीमत होती है


Thy cost I can’t even pay

Yes our oysters do swell

Till when the feeling we have to mask

Exact opposite feeling on face

I shall open my gate

Only when my fate will have me heart’s delight

How beautifuly in a flow you just explained everything the pain to safety to fate of a tear drop!

The late they drop

The more we hold

 I guess more stronger we become.

A marvellous write up!

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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