5 steps to build a HUMAN BEING

(Step 1) 

Take ‘enough’ “HU”(HUmility)

So,that he/she remains humble 

even to one who is  guilty

(Step 2)

Add ‘some’ “MA”( MAnageablity)

So that in uncontrollable situation

He/she manages to keep flexibility

(Step 3)

Stain ‘all’ the “N”(Negativity)

Without anger,ego,envy

he/she will look more pretty

(Step 4)

‘Add ‘ a “BE”(benevolent) heart

One which will be empathatic enough

To help rejoining others mispart

(Step 5)

Finally add a “ING”(ignited mind)

So that problems he/she never fears

And solution he/she can find

HU mble MA nageable N ot at all 

negative with BE nevolent heart and 

an IG nited mind

A HUMAN BEING is ready

This is the best creation one can find

The 5 steps probably 

our creater had also followed

but only I guess…our ingredients

 we have ourselves swallowed.

I wish all human beings start being human truely.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior



6 thoughts on “5 steps to build a HUMAN BEING

  1. An ignited mind, a benevolent Heart,
    Smart manager, humbly playing his/her part
    And into the mix is thrown Positivity
    and you have concatinated Humanity

    Brilliant thoughts warrior!! And whosoever has named you Naina must be proud of you for your eyes for detail.
    Wonderful Read!!

    Liked by 1 person

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