5 steps to build a HUMAN BEING

(Step 1)  Take 'enough' "HU"(HUmility) So,that he/she remains humble  even to one who is  guilty (Step 2) Add 'some' "MA"( MAnageablity) So that in uncontrollable situation He/she manages to keep flexibility (Step 3) Stain 'all' the "N"(Negativity) Without anger,ego,envy he/she will look more pretty (Step 4) 'Add ' a "BE"(benevolent) heart One which will be empathatic … Continue reading 5 steps to build a HUMAN BEING

Tears : Our Safety Fuse

Oh! Thee precious gems ( tears) Just don't fall away For Thy cost 'm afraid I can't ever pay Out of the cusp Where you latently dwell And with your pressure These oysters ( Eyes) do swell Your time'll come soon but not arrived yet Must reach the dew point Till then you have to … Continue reading Tears : Our Safety Fuse