Rain please rain in my fantasy lane !

Rain Rain,next time you come

Come prepared

To fulfill my fantasy lane

Tap dance(1),Soothing touch(2),Long drive(3),Tea sips(4) and a promising kiss(5)

All 5 with you and my gentleman

I wish to sustain

Rain.. rain ..do rain

In my fantasy lane

Next time when

you will tap the ground

TAP DANCE with your droplets I want

But not alone

Bring my gentleman too

Three of us will then make perfect hue

You then touch him around


offer him and heel his wounds

dear rain …both of us love your sound

I am short and also he makes me shy

He is tall,bold and charming guy

So better first you give a try

You touch him and make him wet

I will then hug him tight

With my warmth I will make him dry

Then when he will dry

make sure he takes me

for a LONG DRIVE in his bike

You also drive on then

your bike called wind 

and do come along with us

Along with your bike my hairs will fly 

and we will fill our memories bus

And then stop with us at the tea shop

Mix with our TEA SIPS

and make them romantic more

and then when tea sips end

And it is time to get seperated like before

Please you again wet my lips

And by doing so 

remind him to kiss me for sure

I may not be able to say for it because

You therfore please become its cause

a PROMISING KISS to meet again

is because necessary to 

keep fantacy lane sustained

rain rain please rain in my fantasy lane

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


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