Trusting the bridge

There are ups and downs 

and then there are gaps in between

jumps are hardly possibile

only way to go through gaps is 

trust the bridge which can be 

immediately seen

I was small and had no vision

I trusted a bridge called dad

He helped me walk from 

My school to college

He helped me to choose a career stream

That visionary bridge

I trusted and can now feel the bliss within

I knew nothing 

I didnt knew I can sing or paint or dance

I trusted a bridge called mom

That multicapable bridge I trusted

Made me an artist who can now adjust in all art forms

I was an introvert

Not a dumb,no never a dumb

But I didn’t knew how to speak

My dreams

Then I trusted a bridge called a best friend

Who turned me into an expressive beauty

An introvert turned into a speaker

The speaking bridge was because the better listener

I was a lonely victim

Ended in a hostel room

When I met a spritual bridge

She was an unknown roomate earlier

Today she is my bestest friend

Trusting her caring hands

Was more blissful than dating any lad

I was again unstable once 

When I was driving my dreams

I met a focused bridge

Who inspired me enough to have a controlled flight

I am glad I trusted this bridge

Who everytime makes me smile

There are ups and downs 

And then there are gaps in between

Jumps are hardly possibile

Only way to go through gaps is 

Trust the bridge which can be immediately seen

Though trusting the immediately seen

May be tough as bridge may break

While walking through the bridge 

you may feel shake

No problem! 

Just wait and judge if that bridge is 

Enough concrete or if not 

Trust it! Because it was the trust in the  name called RAM

Which helped the monkey headed characters called vanars in ramayana

 to build ramsetu ,the holy bridge

Using just the rocks

And no trust


would have otherwise dipped.

So, trust the bridge which destiny offers you and if you can’t trust destiny ,trust youreslf atleast

 (PS:this particular thought of trusting yourself if destiny fails is by totally.twitterpated😉😘)

Happy reading !

Yours loving warrior 


3 thoughts on “Trusting the bridge

  1. The bridges they are called
    In all weathers they stand
    and a safe passage
    they give to you, my friend

    And truly you have apprehend
    the need of the bridge
    when we are forlorn
    at the edge of the ridge

    And though they are immediately seen
    they were planted after a prolonged thought
    by none other than
    the Ubiquitious, Alimighty God

    Though one thing is for sure
    when Frost said of two roads
    Devil too put one bridge
    besides that of God

    And it is for us to see
    and judge which one to choose
    And our success lies in
    how quickly we deduce

    And appearences often befools
    For devil is master architect
    God’s bridge might be shaky
    But his( Devil) is a solid construct

    And then comes to rescue
    our heart and instinct
    trusting on which,
    between both we can distinct

    You eulogized quite adorably the supports the God provides us in this sojourn. It was a fantastic read.
    And on the auspicious day of Ram Navami, just rearranging the space in the Adam’s Bridge original name “Shri Ram Setu Bandh” to “Shri Ram se tu bandh”, ie get attached to Lord Ram ( God ) to cross over the unsurmounatble difficulties in the life.

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