Saudade-A nostalgic longing!!


When someone says they are missing their loved ones

What do you understand by that??

May be they miss the time spent together

May be their secret jokes made in public

May be the eyes that did the talking between hundreds of people around

May be the comfort and serenity they feel with their special someone

May be,may be not!!

But for me I miss the butterflies I once used to get by just hearing the news of you coming home

I miss the small so called ‘techniques’ you taught me to do when I was bored in class

I miss the smell of your perfume you used although it changed every month

I miss the those serious talks we used to do on my terrace 

I miss that explanation of yours about why you preferred Slice over all other soft drinks because Katrina Kaif was the brand ambassador

And out of jealousy I always made sure that I love Shah Rukh Khan more than anything else

Today when somebody asks me have you ever fallen in love

And I always reply that love is just a waste of time

But trust me deep down in my heart somewhere in the corner I still Love you

Trust me I still do

People need guts to express their love to someone 

I wish to be one of those people

And now when your are gone so far that returning back is near impossible

I am sure that I always mention you infront of the Almighty

We were not destined to be together

Still you hold a special place somewhere in my heart

Trust me You still have the same effect on me as it used to be


I really do!!

 -Totally Twitterpated (Nazia Islaam)


I am sure that I always mention you infront of almighty!

This line took my heart 😍

The truth and pureness
The innocence

The love

The longing

And the miss you

With romantic humor katrina and SRK

Awesome twitterpated!👍

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


7 thoughts on “Saudade-A nostalgic longing!!

  1. Quite a genial telling of an unfulfilled love story! Destiny is something we can’t have control over.

    Quoting a beautiful couplet from the Madhushala:

    Pyar nahi paa jane mein hai

    paane ke armano mein hai

    Mil jaati to hai na lagti

    Itni pyaari madhushala

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