Yes!Always- 2 (Though I am always there for her)

Whenever her times are bad

Whenever she is feeling sad

When she is quite depressed

Then my numbers( mobile) are pressed

Sometimes a message, small

Sometimes (She) gives me a call

All she asks me is how am I

(She Says) She called me just awei

Though at first she never tell

Hides well her sordid tale

And I too don’t prod her

And I try to make her feel better

She tells me of the trivial fights

Talks about her inner frights

And only in her moments weak

About her heart, she’d speak

And amidst all these thoughts

I try to open the knots

Though one by one her troubles file

I try to make her smile

Solutions to her problem she never seek

She wants someone with whom she can speak

Endlessly with one whom she can chatter

Whose talks make her feel better

From there she goes out strong

Determined now to right all wrongs

Mind is active and heart is light

She is ready for another fight

Path ahead she already know

Required just an impetus to go

From haze her mind now freed

She is now settled on steed

Happiness, I can feel in her voice

And it’s time for good byes

See you later, take care we say

Of her happiness to God I pray

I wish In sadness may she never fall

In All problems, may she Stand tall

Though, for her, I’ll be there always

I wish she has only happy days.


And this one exactly tells how the yes always works!

For all the yes always in the world I wish happiness and no more doom days.

Keep scribbling Prankies!

Awesome one as usual!👌👌

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior 


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