The Tousled Hair

tousled hair.png

And silently she stood
Buried deep in thoughts
And this puzzling crossroad
Has tied her into knots ( Puzzled Her)

On signboards she stared
With her groggy eyes
And I for sure know not
What enigma behind it lies.

Her drooping shoulders
Seems to touch the ground
The wretched look on face
From grief so profound

Bruised and batter now
From hell she has been through
And she walked whence
For other ‘twas impossible to move

But tired she is now
Bent, her hands on knees
And amidst this conundrum
She wants to find the peace

Outstreched infront of her
Stood many pathways
All with an alluring smile
Pleading their case

Experience she surely had
That made her pause and think
For she is not one of those
Who believe in a blink

In her short sojourn
She has seen it all
How one feels at the zenith
And how bitter is the fall

Still she was unsure
Which path to choose
Scared of the outcome
She was so confused

And in this arid forest
To counsel , whom she’d turn
It was all her to decide
Though many were concerned

A long breath she took
And moved forward with a sigh
The laden foot leading her
To one of the alleys

Cool wind now wizened past
Further messing with tousled hair
The blood rose to her cheeks
Making pink what was fair

The pulse, the beat got loud
And so the marching song
Playing in her ears it too ( The motivating Song)
With her, it moved along

The vigour was reviving
Her eyes were gleaming too
The haze in her mind
Too had improved

The fresh breeze welcomed her
And brought her a new lease
Her sporadic smile too was back
For truly she was please(d)

At threshold she lingered for a moment
And turned back her gaze
From inferno she is out
To place she thought, a mirage

In calm and somber mood
With angelic smile
She recounted all the pains
She had all the while

The decision she took
While she was in pain
And amidst all confusion
It ( Decision) supremely reigned

The past was dark pitched
And so scary night
That has now paved way for
A comforting light

The troubles in one’s life
Nature, often , deliberately serves
To raise the bar for you
And to value what you deserve

The Poem though written in awe for the fighting spirit of someone in particular, but it can be easily dedicated to all the warriors who are fighting it out their own battles. I believe every girl out to be a fighter in their own sense who despite of the bigotry of the world are flourishing and breaking barriers.


To which ever warrior this was written to, I can relate it to myself!

The best thing is your expressions which has come because you have very keenly observed her, or probably understood her!

Your comprehension is awesome👍👍

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “The Tousled Hair

  1. Thanks s lot warrior
    I feel a common thread runs in all the warriors out there. God makes them with similar elements like resilience, toughness, patience and never say die attitude. Therefore I think every warrior whether will find a connect with the poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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