A blissfull Motivation frm Guru Granth Sahib ji

Smile is the sign of a warrior, who has defeated all the griefs in life..
“Gum-di-numaish” potrays weakness..
Challenge fate only whn u r more prepared than what ur destiny could do for u..

“Naseeb-di-azmaish” with no efforts is pigshit..!!
U will get wht u deserve..whn the right time comes..

“Jo tera hai wo teri kol khud ayega”;just have patience my frnd!!
Make a wish n forget it,Do ur job honestly;

The achievement wil let u live ur dream!!

“Har roz unnu pan di khwahish” wil make the dream be “dream” always;with no conversion to reality.

  • Moonierbliss

Truely inspirational and correct!👍

Smile is  of warrior👌 who has defeated all griefs in life.

I wanna be a warrior like this👆

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior 


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