Endless knots

Those endless knots,more it gets complicated when one tries to untangle them They create endless doubts in hearts of closed ones, when one tries to mingle them They get tied unknowingly and then get more intense when pulled from both sides Endless pain,Endless queries,Endless uneasiness,Endless negativity they create when one tries to ride Really endless … Continue reading Endless knots

“The Man of Honour”

To the man of values.. The values which were never compromised..     To the phenomenal writer.. who translated the Holy book of   "RAMAYANA"  and "AKHAND JYOTI".. To the person of satisfaction.. With whatever he had.. To the person of belief..  Which made his generations believe in themselves.. To the example of perfect companion.. … Continue reading “The Man of Honour”

Thick shake recipie…!! (Cooking scribble -1)

Instead of writing i thought of sharing with you an awesome recipe of thick shake So let's start:- Ingredients (for 1 glass) Oreo biscuits 5-7(chocolate flavour) Powered sugar (2 t-spoon) Coffee powder (1/2 t-spoon) Chocolate powder (1 t-spoon) Milk chilled (1 glass... if you freeze the milk an hour before it will give best result...) … Continue reading Thick shake recipie…!! (Cooking scribble -1)

Aazad -4

एक सांस की तलाश में मैं आहें भर रही थी बन्द कमरे में जैसे  घुटन सी हो रही थी हवा नही बस साँस चाहिए थी फरीशता भी परेशान था बंधी खुद था वो भी नहीं आजाद था फिर किसी तरह फ़रिशते ने  चाभी ली कमरे से मुझे रिहाई दी उसने मुझे आजादी दी घुटन अब … Continue reading Aazad -4

Think different😕

Hello and greetings to you....!!! after controversy Let's start a new game for sharing views and gaining something new .... Its "think different" Now my scenario is... We always ask a girl(s) to stay at home after 8 or avoid going alone... We keep on saying find a company etc etc... Even for working women also … Continue reading Think different😕

Lyrics Diary- Mana ki Hum Yaar Nahin

https://youtu.be/k4R39ofX-CQ With the advancements in sound technologies there is a rise in songs being sung by the actors, and more often than not despite being the chartbusters they dont have the zing enough to captivate the hearts of music lovers. I accept that i;'m a bit prejudiced wrt their songs and when I heard that … Continue reading Lyrics Diary- Mana ki Hum Yaar Nahin

वक़्त से दौड़।

हर कोई दौड़ रहा है । पहले आने की होड़ कर रहा है कहाँ जाना है ये उसे भी नहीं पता बस वक़्त से आगे भाग रहा है । कोई दौलत बटोर रहा है  कोई शोहरत सहेज रहा है आगे आने की होड़ में...  ना जाने कितनों को कुचल रहा है ना खुद का होश … Continue reading वक़्त से दौड़।


The change.....!!! We never like, if a person changes. But we keep on saying... "Time changes and so the people..." And also "change is rule of nature." Same time we say "photos are good because they never change but people change..." Lets Keep the game continue without changes....!! Let me know your views in the … Continue reading Controversy-6