The word “Average”

Pic: am I average looking????says the simply beautiful flower!

Average is a tag given to people “below the best”

The tagging culture is omnipresent

Let it be a school,college or workplace

The lag may be by lil or more

The  reason may be Small or big

May be the behaviour,genes or the looks that is making the difference

Which has nothing to do wid the hardwork N sacrifices one does

Its effect varies with the strength one carries to bear criticism

But the result has got its pros n cons

It solely depends on the “Average”  how he takes it

I can make a person stronger

Or can destroy the strength of a capable

For an “Average” there is always something to improve

Which makes thm “Great”

“The best will be better someday”

“Greatness is cherished forever”

Moonierbliss (Anukriti Mishra)

For long I wanted to write in this topic,thanks for doing this because I myself have been tagged the mediocre many times.

Actually, that feeling you can’t describe in words when you are told…oh! You are not the best nor the worst you are just OK…the average.

All the people who judge so…do nothing but discourage the child somewhere…I wish this omipresent TAGGING CULTURE is replaced by ENCOURAGING culture soon specially at schools where actually the best should be taught to encourage his least friend so that both of them can become best and equal.

Again thanks  Moonierbliss for writing on this!

Happy reading everyone!

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “The word “Average”

  1. A nice writeup anukriti! Calling someone average, bad or best, all have same consequences if not handled well. So you are right when you say about how one takes the pilll and go on to perform. What I have learnt in life is that people will judge you, despite of all the things you do, whether they are your close ones or any stranger who doesn’t know a shit about the struggles you are going through.
    So we cant change people, though we can change ourselves and can be a better person if we too stop judging others.

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