The Moonier Story..

This is the story of a young girl betrayed n broken by the world’s atrocious behaviour..and a heartbroken guy..with pieces turned in to rock..
The girl was lonely..
The guy was too..
The girl needed someone to collect her pieces n give them life..
While the guy needed someone to melt the rock..
None of thm knew about the game..
God was to play..
Girl saw the guy..n the play began to show it effects..
They met eachother..n the stone slowly began to melt..
The girl got her pillar..
And the guy his warmth..
The mighty bond was named “frnshp”
The one more sacred thn love..
The one much more deeper to be called.


Hmm the one more sacred than love👌👌


Keep scribbling!

Yours loving warrior


3 thoughts on “The Moonier Story..

  1. Correct about the friendship; one more sacred than the love( Though love here is in its narrow meaning). A successful friendship is where you love each other despite of inadequacies and the bond is not out of fulfilling any need.

    A blissfull writeup Moonier!!

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