(Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

  Edit Iā€™ve been reading books of old The legends and the mythsAchilles and his goldHercules and his giftsSpidermanā€™s controlAnd Batman with his fistsAnd clearly I donā€™t see myself upon that list But she said, where dā€™you wanna go?How much you wanna risk?Iā€™m not looking for somebodyWith some superhuman giftsSome superheroSome fairytale blissJust something I … Continue reading (Lyrics diary)”Something just like this” -chainsmokers !

Yes! Always – 1

That yes had healed her  Always That assurance Created a belief  Which guaranteed her relief Always Will you be with me always? Will you never leave me alone? Yes! Try it when you feel alone And  She again  messaged in her doom day Are you there? Can I talk? And again the reply came Yes! Why not … Continue reading Yes! Always – 1

The Moonier Story..

This is the story of a young girl betrayed n broken by the world's atrocious behaviour..and a heartbroken guy..with pieces turned in to rock.. The girl was lonely.. The guy was too.. The girl needed someone to collect her pieces n give them life.. While the guy needed someone to melt the rock.. None of … Continue reading The Moonier Story..

Aa gai pyari maata gangor!

This is a Rajesthani festival where the females in the house worship a goddess called Gangor who is nothing but a goddess similar to the other women in rajesthan  who has come to visit her father's house from her in-laws house and her husband Isarji has come to take her back. The festival is all … Continue reading Aa gai pyari maata gangor!