Humsafar Lyrics review and Love confessions-2 together😉

Humsafar song (Badrinath ki dulhaniya) Youtube link

Today lyrics review🎼 and love confession ❤ together…

First talking about lyrics review. The song is the perfect combination of lyrics and music. Even if you have never experienced love,you can still feel love with this song.

Song Credits:
Song: Humsafar
Movie: Badrinath Ki Dulhania
Singer: Akhil Sachdeva
Music / Lyrics: Akhil Sachdeva

Lyrics review : 5/5 (warrior)

Because I am yet to watch the movie…So, the confessions are totally different and won’t correspond to the movie.

But still I have tried to mix this two segments of our blog.
Hope you will enjoy this fusion🤗

She: I love you but I fear this world.

He: You cannot dare to love and be coward at the same time.

Let us both be crazy and be imature but mature will be our love !

Sun zalima mere sanu koi dar na

Ki samjhega zamana

Oh tu vi si kamli

Mai vi sa kamla

Ishqe da rog sayana 

Ishqe da rog sayana

She : I have to go back to home town now,I don’t know will we ever meet again.

He : We will meet,I will come to meet,Go happily!

(They seperated physically but may be they still lived together and were unaware of this fact )

Sun mere humsafar

Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar

Rahunga bas vahin

Umra bhar

Rahunga bas vahi umra bhar haaye

You are unaware my soul companion(humsafar)

We are seperating 

But I am going to be there

Where ever you go 

Along with your every breath

I will be with you

He messaged: You have started new policy of deattachment and you will forget me, I know.

She replied: meetings with you are impossible to forget, how will I detach from that.

Even If I manage that what about your talks the more which I have loved, Your advices and our chats is something impossible to get rid off.

Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hai

Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hai

Baaton mein teri jo kho jate hai

Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi

Baahon mein hai teri zindagi haaye

Your talks have healed me more than the meetings could have

In your arms whenever  I have closed my eyes 

I have felt the relief of all the pains I had.

I don’t want to come back to my consciousness and I hate when that ends-

“Our Hug”

I wish my life could stay within your arms and I wish I never had to come out of that world.

But you the follower of time disturb my unconsciousness and 

You bring me back


Many days went and no messages got exchanged. They were now busy in their own lifes. But they could still smile whenever memories flashed their minds.

He (after a long break messaged and it read thank you): Just wanted to say you thank you.

You enjoy every moment of life and don’t miss any

Thanks for teaching me this

Feels lucky that you came in my life.

May destiny brought us together so that I could  learn this from you.

Main toh yoon khada kis

Soch mein pada tha

Kaise jee raha tha main deewana

Chupke se aake tune

Dil mein sama ke tune

Chhed diya kaisa ye fasana

Oh muskurana bhi tujhi se sikha hai

She:  smile please! Your pics look more good with your shining teeth🤗

(Now his selfies has the teeths aways😁)

Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai

Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai

He : I am sure there is something between us.

She : May be

He: huhh

Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi

Bahon mein hai teri zindagi haaye

She : the warmth of your arms,the unconsciousness of my mind goes togethermiss you !

He : hmm..Miss you more

She: You dont believe in god but why?

He : I did not say I don’t believe but that does not mean I believe like you do?

She: what are you saying?

He : I believe in rationality,I am searching for him…God

She : what about love?

He : again I am not sure of it.. I am confused about many loves I have encountered and now I am searching for true love.

She : Take my words,Your both search will ends in the same place.

(And they laughed and changed the topic)

Hai nahi tha pata

Ke tujhe maan lunga khuda

Ki teri galliyon mein iss kadar

Aaunga har paher

He: I talk very less in the entire day but whenever I do, its mostly you.

(She blushed)

Sun mer e humsafar

Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar

Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar

Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar haaye

Love confessions if you could make it musical, I thing your partner will be the happiest!

Keep spreading  love!

Yours loving  warrior


4 thoughts on “Humsafar Lyrics review and Love confessions-2 together😉

  1. Heart touching story with perfectly placed stanzas of the song, enhancing the beauty of the already Superb story.
    Felt like I was hearing my own story your words.😎👍👋

    Liked by 1 person

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