The mystical line 

Some time you say it

Some time you say it not

And for most of the times

It is deeply buried in thoughts

And some time while alone

Deeply Engrossed I ponder

Whether I’m a fake or

A diplomat I wondered

I make them fool

Or myself full do I make

I satisfy their ego

Or did their trust I break

They ask me my sincere

Genuine and heart felt advice

But they need appreciation

For thoughts already in minds( there)

And I, when young, learnt

Its dangerous to speak

Our little secrets to world

For it could make me weak

For people often judge

You by your words

And your deeds in large

Remain neglected by the world

The hatred, the love

Real emotions I confined

And in real world, seldom crossed

The invisible laxman line

And whenever crossing

Of The line I chose

In rare conflicts

We were engrossed

When my thoughts

Were only mine

Others in the world

With me they were fine

But they, my thoughts

Suffered a different perspective

When out from closet they became

From dormant to active

And instead of one’s agony

They might have caused

They disrupted all the things

Whatever they now crossed

Inch by inch, for years

A sand castle, one attain

And just a wrong step

And it’s sand again

Though there are few

Who by words never will judge

And in your abilities

They always have the trust

But finding them is still

An herculean task

For everyone out there

Have hundreds of mask

But once you find them

Your task is done

From the feeling of guilt

You find freedom

You speak them for hours

Without risking relations

And nothing surprises them

For they have no expectations

But is it not like

Speaking to a log

Or writing your heart out

In a lonely blog

Yes! What if they don’t react

What if they agree to all your plans

Are they actually genuine

Or like you, not crossing the line

Isn’t it a difficult world

Varying between 0 and 1

One moves between two extremes

Either all or have none

Being a mechanical engineer

For me its disturbing situation

As it has been taught to find

An optimum solution

Somewhere in the middle

The solution often lies

And though hiding, with experience

It can be spotted by eyes

More often than not, though

It changes its place

And a constant vigilance on it

Depends your success

The perfect partner

And soul mate you can only get

When the world we are living in

Is nothing but perfect

Till then one should

Continue with imperfect ones

For sometimes two imperfect ones

Make a perfect solution


I make them fool

Or myself full do I make

Its dangerous to speak

Our little secrets to world

For it could make me weak

And there are more expressions I can quote but only have to say this

You echo my thoughts or we have really similar thoughts.

Lucky to share this place with you Prankies.

Thanks for being here.

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior 


2 thoughts on “The mystical line 

  1. Thanks a lot warrior for your appreciation and thoughts over the poem.
    And as we mutually share ideas, emotions and respect it’s not only you that is lucky to share this place, this is also mutual. Thanks for giving me such a great platform 🙏😎.

    Whenever there is constructive interference
    It results in perfect resonance

    Liked by 1 person

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