Tricky Twenties

I am at twenty two

And my friends are 

also in twenties

 (…23 ,24 ,25… )

Though they  not 

exactly twenty two

Despite this

we have always 

found each other

In Similar shoes

We have

grown together 

In similar benches 

and similar classrooms

The similar  school walls

To similar hostel clocks

To similar college lectures

And similar canteen treats

To similar graduation caps

We have all

Collectively got everything 

Uptill now

But we never knew

A tricky age would come

And seperate our shoes

And paths

This tricky twenty two

Now each 

one of us stand at a 

Different point

Configuring our own 

And getting amazed 

By seeing each other’s life

When classes used to upgrade 

Grade A or D, every scorer 

Topper and the mediocre 

Landed in the same 

next standard classroom

But now we are all moving

With diffent pace

When I scroll the facebook

I see many shining faces

Some perfectly

placed in their careers

Some perfectly

engaged with their betterhalfs

Some are busy sharing

Their honeymoon pics

There are few who

even have now cute kids

But each one of us

Whereever we stand

In this tricky age

Is amazed

And we want 

each others shoes

Its not our fault

Its this tricky tweny two

Because for the first time 

We are seeing each other 

In different shoes

Its not easy to understand this
Its tricky

Not everyone who

looks settled is settled

Not everyone

who looks blank 

Is a looser you see

Only different shoes 

we are wearing

May be

The only thing is 

For the first time

We will have to understand 


Will be different and unique 

Though we started 

with same creek

A friend messaged one day

Do I say yes? Is this

the right time to marry?

The other messaged

Everyone is marrying,

When will I get someone

Whom I could marry?

Yet another messaged

Even the weak ones in my class

Also have a better job

Do you think I landed at 

wrong stop?

And there are more

Right and wrong querries

Where my friends may be

But this is the time to live

How can we forget to live

Let this be trickiest if it has to be

The only thing is 

There is no 

defined parking points

At this tricky age

All we need is to 

Enjoy its passage

Everyone of us will get 

Our destinies

When he who designed 

Your destiny wants

All we need is

to utilise this

 Wait period

to chase our wants

May be your career

May be your passion

May be your dreams

May be your small-small goals

Anything it may be

This tricky age has 

So much energy and

possibilities with it

Not for forever will it remain

Only we need to accept


Things everyone 

Now  will get

Will be different 

And at different time

Till you get your RIGHT TIME

Simply enjoy your life

If you are not having a wife

Instead of feeling alone

Be happy for a friend

 who has settled with a wife

Also be happy 

For the one who has managed

A good career and positive vibe

There is nothing to be jealoused

Because this tricky age 

Won’t last longer you see

Soon again all of us

Will get similar shoes 

By next decade

We may again look 

similar and blue

Settled with our halfs

A career 

A family made

Each one of us

Again will look same

This tricky age 

Will then belong to 

New set of wanderers 

And the energy of

This age will also 

go in their name

So, why to worry

Today for this game

Come lets 

Enjoy this red energetic 

Tricky age

Where each one of 

Us have a different page

Happy reading readers !

Share this with all your friends in twenties.

May you remain peaceful and happy at all ages however trickiest one you encounter.

Yours loving warrior


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