Head of the family

When calamities

came to his own head

rather than getting panic

he acted as head of family first

He was first for the family

But for him family was always first

I said him 

“daddy I feel helpless”

He said 

” you have to do nothing

Only you have to

have some patience

and still if you feel helpless

What should daddy feel then”

His strong eyes spoke 

What he was thinking then

“When your daddy 

is not restless

You yourself decide 

what should you feel?”

And without speaking 

he told me How should I

 exactly be and feel

Those words brought me 

That power

Which was sufficient 

For me to keep my fire alive

That day I learnt something  

Really big for my life

To be head of the family

Its just not enough to be big

Your Will power  must

 be also big

Will power to handle yourself 

And will power

To keep powerful every one else

Salute to all heads of  the family 

Who handle all smalls very well

You are personified  will power

Stronger than steel

What more should I say 

Words also can’t express this feel

Have a great day!

Yours loving warrior


4 thoughts on “Head of the family

  1. very truly said Dear warrior,
    The heads are head for a reason as

    it’s head that reason,control and command,
    and does what has to be done as per time’s demand.
    And if the head thinks for all, who should think for it,
    to whom charge , it, should we comitt.

    In the picture thus comes the heart
    with its warmth it do its part
    the blood it do ciruculate
    and it( blood) to all ends perculate

    The warmth and energy it share
    it heals the brain with its care.

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