Aye khuda (Murder-2) Lyrics review 

(This lyrics review dedicated to a friend who made me hear this song. Because of its fast beat I never paid attention to its lyrics….also It sounded like a sad song. So, I ignored it for long….but  now I know I missed something so beautiful.

So, this one is your belated birthday gift T🤗. I knew you are a music lover as I have always seen you with headphones inserted in your ears.

But after doing lyrics review for your favourite song, I now know your spritual heart too. Stay the same 🤓 forever.Though I never expected this from you 😅😜 hehe..

So,now important thing,gift given,now your turn meet soon 😉 because party is due now!😅😅 and you know how important treats are…😉)

Kaisi khala yeh dil mein basi hai; Ab toh khataayein firat hi si hai;Main hi hoon woh jo rehmat se gira;Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya;Main jo tujhse door hua Lutt gaya, lutt gaya Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya Main jo tujhse door huaLutt gaya, lutt gaya

I wonder what kind of thoughts I have gathered in my heart as if being evil has become my character.

Oh! Lord why did I go away from you,now I know why I have met the fall,now I know I why I have lost everything.

Itni khataayein tu le kar chala hai;Daulat hi jaise tera ab khuda hai;Har pal bitaye tu jaise hawa hai ; gunaha ke sayye mein chalta raha;Samandar sa beh kar tu chalta hi gaya; Teri marzi poori ki toone har dafa; tu hi tera muzrim bandeya;Aye khuda gir gaya gir gaya mai jo tujhse door hua; lut gaya ; lut gaya 

How  cruel had I become that I kept commiting crimes. Even a minute I never stopped to think what was I doing. Why did I replace you with money? I am sorry,Lord!

I should’nt have moved away from you.It is the reason why I met failures.

Kyun judta iss jahaan se tu
Ik din yeh guzar hi jaayega
Kitna bhi samayet le yahaan
Muthii se fisal hi jaayega

However hard you try you won’t be able to collect this world. All that you collect, you will have to loose. Then why do you keep on collecting. 

You don’t own anything then why do you make so profound attachments with them.

Har shaksh hai dhool se bana
Aur phir uss mein hi ja mila
Yeh haqeeqat hai tu jaan le
Kyun sacch se munh hai pherta

Everyone belongs to the soil,we are made from the clay and when we will die we will go back to it.

You have to accept this fact. Accept it.You will get nothing denying it.

Chaahe jo bhi hasrat poori kar le
Rukeygi na fitrat yeh samajh le
Mitt jaayegi teri hassti

Do whatever, but you won’t be able to change this fact.Not only your loved ones you will have to loose here. Even you will have to loose your own body. You cannot escape death. Then why do you attach with the world so much which is just a temporary gift to you.

Barh na paayega yeh dil bandeya
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

Your heart will also not be yours one day. So,till that day don’t loose your right track.

Don’t forget your almighty which is the only thing you may never loose.

Don’t move away from him.

Otherwise you will face falls.

Agar tu soche tu hai gira ; Mere haath ko tham tu uth zara; Tere dil ke dar pe hu khada;Mujhko apna le ru zara

And then when you accept your fault,he answers….he has the biggest heart,even criminals he forgive…then think your crime is not that big,he will forgive.

Just gather courage and accept your fault in front of him if no one else.Then he will speak to you and show you the correct path.He says 

Agar tu soche tu hai gira ; Mere haath ko tham tu uth zara; Tere dil ke dar pe hu khada;Mujhko apna le ru zara     

I am there my child, catch my hand and getup, this was just a fall, see I reside in your heart and I won’t leave you ever alone,just recognise me.

Tu kahe tu hai saaye se girah;Teri raahon ka mai noor hoon;tere gunaho ko khud pe le liya; mere nazar mein bekasoor tu

You may think your paths have become dark but come to me I can enlighten your path….and don’t worry of the sins you have made, I will take that all; l have forgiven you because you have dared to accept your fault.

Aisa koi manzar tu dikhla de
Mujhe koi shaksh se milwa de
Aise koi dil se tu sunwa de
Ke zakhm koi usse na milaa
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

 Thank you lord! I now trust you You only now decide,make me see the right path send your messenger (mogu) to me.Please God! I won’t ever go away from you.Now I know the consequences,

I will fall without you.

Lets just trust him.

He is with you as your wiser destiny.

He is will keep messaging you via his messengers 

Only only and only trust him and don’t go away from him.

Happy reading readers!

Keep spreading love

Yours loving warrior 


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