Read list : Saheed diwas (Martyr’s day) (23.3.17)

Some of the great articles I encountered today! May be this can make your day. Following is the list : Music video : If bhagat singh was alive today🤔 Tweeter remembers bhagat singh : read awesome tweets. 10 important facts associated with this day. Unseen pictures of Martyrs. Bhagat singh and Valentine's day contraversy Bhagat … Continue reading Read list : Saheed diwas (Martyr’s day) (23.3.17)

Aye khuda (Murder-2) Lyrics review 

(This lyrics review dedicated to a friend who made me hear this song. Because of its fast beat I never paid attention to its lyrics....also It sounded like a sad song. So, I ignored it for long....but  now I know I missed something so beautiful. So, this one is your belated birthday gift T🤗. I … Continue reading Aye khuda (Murder-2) Lyrics review