Love confession – 1

Lets now plan our future

Girl smiled 

and expected her dreams 

To be discussed 

But he refused to discuss

He said  I  don’t think of future

It can hurt and I don’t lie

I live in present thats my style

We will discuss

When future will

 become present

Said the boy 

sounding unpleasant 

The girl but smiled

The boy was shocked

He was expecting a fight

Instead he witnessed 

The beautiful sight

Of her eyes filled with light

Ok dear! No problem

Let future remain unplanned 

Girl accepted his wants

You live in present I know

And thats the only reason 

 I want to become 

your present 

in coming future for sure

The boy smiled 

hearing her reply

He said nothing

But made a wish

gift her to me as ‘present’

Please almighty 

If you at all exist

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving warrior 


2 thoughts on “Love confession – 1

  1. What to say of this??
    Fantastic poem…..
    And a wonderful use of pun at the end.
    Lovely poem, good going warrior

    Waiting for next in the series
    Btw where is the one you have posted on instagram??


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