Last love

I suspect 

Will we last

 longer together

I have earlier

experienced failures

And you are 

not the first

Who is making 

me feel

This thing called love

Said the girl

Who was unsure if this 

was her true love 

Handling her was 

really tough

But he was impressed

 by this girl with messy hair😉

He handled her with care

But unlike her

He was sure 

That this was love

He was sure

That she was the best

He was sure

Only she could make his nest

And therefore to get her

He tried his best

So, he remained light

And he patiently heard 

her frustrations entire night

And when she ended

He just said few lines

Which made both

 each other’s lifelines

“What if I am

 not your first

I will be your last

And till then just trust”

Hearing this

The girl lost her heart

And their love story got the kickstart

And as he had asked for

She kept the trust

And he kept his words

(They are marrying soon)


I am happy 

Because I am narrating the 

Story of my favourite love birds😙😙

Happy reading!

Yours loving warrior


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