“The thing which complete life: water”

Imagine a world when water will be purchased for bathing as today it is purchased for drinking or a world where water will be use as gift hamper to guests in reality shows or a world where a person dies due to drop down of a glass of water from his hand or a world where people keep water in lookers or world where people will ask water in dowry. Yes the imagination is horrible. So on a serious note it is important to save water as 75% of the whole world is covered with water but only 3% is available for useable and drinking purpose. It is departed day when water was freely available to use as drinking or for other purpose but today it has to be purchased before drinking. Countries in middle East Asia like Saudi Arabia have to import water in exchange of oil. This shows the dilemma of the world that water has manipulated the living and the business standard of the society.
 Water is tasteless, colorless and odorless object but still it is a precious gift that God has provided on earth which is responsible for human surveillance. It is observed in past few reports that the ground water table has fallen down in many place, in some places ground water has been contaminated due to pollution and the sources of water is reducing day by day. This scarcity of water is mainly observed in India. States like Gujarat, Rajasthan is facing water scarcity where women and girls of houses have to cover a long distance just to get a pot of water, last year Maharashtra had faced a huge scarcity due to which government was compelled to supply water using train, from last few year Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is facing a legal despite for supply of water of river Kaveri and on the other side India Pakistan having despite over Indus water treaty and even China scared India for river Bramhaputra water which is capturing the footsteps towards converting the saying “the 3rd world war will be due to water” truth. 

It’s being very important to save water as “no water, no life, no green, no blue –Syliva Earle”. To support this water saving  the UNCED ( the United Nation conference of environment and development) declared 22nd march as international” Word Water day” in 1992  to give importance to fresh water and highlighting the need to save water for other generation in developing countries.  Theme for this year’s world water day is “why waste water?” to make it uniform as previous years. 

One the basic needs towards survival is water and saving water is our foremost duty as one can survive without love but not without water. So let’s say sorry for all past mistakes and take pledge to save water. 

N_Angel (Neha Asawa)

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