Why did I became a poet?

Why did I became a poet

I sometimes muse

Of all the art of expressions

This peculiar one I chose

A wish I was novelist

Could write comedy plays

Or might be a painter

On canvas paint I’d sprayed

For stories are so engrossing

One doesn’t read between lines

And paintings are so abstract

Hides feelings to deeper confines

But poem is a devilish art

For one doesn’t write

It flows straight from heart

Speak, never one might

And thus lay exposed

Various dark emotions

Deeply concealed

And like a surgeon’s knife

Pen have it all quilled

The few poems I wrote

May not be so good

But slough out my feelings

As much as it could

For long , I don’t think

Poems I’d write

As the elixir of youth

Would slowly be dried


This one is one of my favourites  among your poems I have read uptill now.

Your expressions surgeon’s knife, devilish art😍

All of them are killer. I connect to each and every word

As if you wrote it stealing my thoughts😉

Only I don’t connect to the last 4 lines and I completely  contrast you for the very first time

For long I don’t think

Poems I would write

As elixer of youth

will slowly be dried

Forever and forever

 I think poems I will write

As when elixer of youth will be dried

May be my poetry

 will be the only EXCITEMENT 

That will be left in my life
Happy poetry day to all!

Keep scribbling prankies!

Yours loving warrior


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