That day when we will be thirsty 

That important is water That  Even dirty mess needs water🤗 to make it dirt free  Without this magic cleanser Our future is messy 😥 But to ensure that  it remains available in future  as today it is We shouldn't waste it any more Because that day 😏 Would be the worst  When we will be … Continue reading That day when we will be thirsty 

My feelings are grown !

I have written them all Sometimes I feel  they are dead now🤔 Sometimes I feel  They have grown more now My feelings are they still unknown🙄 Or are completly known ? Earlier I had too many I could 'nt handle them at all But now I Feel feelingless And that does not 😇 mean hopeless … Continue reading My feelings are grown !

“The thing which complete life: water”

Imagine a world when water will be purchased for bathing as today it is purchased for drinking or a world where water will be use as gift hamper to guests in reality shows or a world where a person dies due to drop down of a glass of water from his hand or a world … Continue reading “The thing which complete life: water”

Why did I became a poet?

Why did I became a poet I sometimes muse Of all the art of expressions This peculiar one I chose A wish I was novelist Could write comedy plays Or might be a painter On canvas paint I'd sprayed For stories are so engrossing One doesn't read between lines And paintings are so abstract Hides … Continue reading Why did I became a poet?

Lets move towards mother nature!

I had lifted my pen To write few lines To talk about nights And the way sun shines To write for the rooster Who crows first without fail And the intriguing story Which Sings the nightingale The long standing bargad Which has seen it all Through storms and draughts Unflinchingly It has stood tall The … Continue reading Lets move towards mother nature!