When does poet becomes a poetry ?

A poet himself becomes a poetry 

When his poetry

Means more then just rhymes

A poem is the salt left behind

When the sea water sublimes

Writing poetry is ‘more’ than

just creating rhyming symmetries

Of words carefully choosen

And arranged in a pan

That ‘more’ I just cannot explain

But may be my poetry can

I wish to remain a poet 

throughout my life

 untill I am alive

But when I die

 I want  to leave as a poetry

Biding goodbye 

to this poet’s life

Happy world poetry day in advance!

Yours loving poet cum warrior


5 thoughts on “When does poet becomes a poetry ?

  1. You can feel the magic
    flowing in the wand
    If the quill is in
    The poet’s hand

    The magic he can weave
    With words he can bewitch
    An outlet to inner turmoils
    Is what he beseech

    Yes! He is the salt
    Left over of sublimation
    And it is also a diamond
    Created by years of oppression

    He who writes for
    reasons of own
    Still could connect

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