Spring’s ping

Hey!did you notice😄

 SPRING is making a PING😉 

So, take out your WINGS🐝

Which were hidden🙈

in the blankets uptill now😝

Winter is now completely gone😎

Like flowers🌹⚘🌼🌹

 you need to blossom around💜

Like if music is not there🙄

You can still SING🤓🎶

Similarly, even if everything is not fine

You can be happy😊

 and live life like a KING👸

Happy SPRING!💜💛

May happiness everywhere it BRINGS😄

So, officially we are in spring season now.Today is Vernal equinox . Yes!the one you read in your geography classes is today.

Enjoy this equal day and night of today🤘💜💛😅

This Spring’s ping is also celebrated by zorastrians as new year which they call Nowruz. What an intresting day these people have choosen as start for their year.

This Spring’s ping is celebrated by hindus as Sheetla Ashtami. They worship a goddess called Sheetla mata and don’t lit fire today. They prepare food for this day in the previous day and pray for prosperity for their family. This ancient festival also has some health significance. Read more on the link above.

And there may be more ways people of other faiths in northern hemisphere may be celebrating this spring’s ping, if you know more,comment and share with us.

Again a Happy Spring to all!

Keep enjoying its ping🤗😙

Keep spreading love❤

Yours loving warrior


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