“Poetry is the stories of story”

A question arises that what Guru Ravindernath Tagore would have thought before penning down “Jana Gana Mana” the national anthem of India just summing up physical, social and cultural diversity in just few lines, what vedvyas would have been thought before writing Mahabharata which is the world’s largest poem, what Shakespeare would have been taught before writing sonnets which are the most famous ones and what writer of nursery rhymes would have thought before writing those rhymes which made our childhood awesome. 

Poem is the bridge between yesterday and today and on the other side poems are those assonance which expresses ones feeling, these are those few lines which make any speech or anchoring attractive too. Poems are those awakes our conscious and intellectual and it is the non violent tool to fight against all and a very silent way to protest by words, during the war of independence freedom fighters have used and wrote famous phrase to rise against British rule and fight for their country. 

Talking about poetry would be incomplete without knowing the different types poetries. Format of poetry includes Ode, Lyrical, Sonnet and Haiku and all are written at different sizes apart from these epics are also written in poems as mentioned above Mahabharata, Ramanaya and many other. There are stories which are written in the form of poem and there are poems on which whole story can be drafted. Ode the type of long poetry developed in Greece the ancient Greek writers like Pindar Horace etc.  The ode generally has three parts: a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode. Odes are often proposed to be recited or sung by two individuals, in which the first person is reciting the strophe, the second one is reciting the antistrophe, and both together recites the epode. Lyrical is the type of dramatic poetry in which characters and actions are not depicted. Sonnet is the most famous type of poetry developed in 13th century standardized as fourteen lines following a set rhyme scheme and logical structure. Haiku is the unrhymed poetry developed in Japan in 17th century. 

In today’s or modern world the poem for upcoming writers and poets is little different. They have come up with new formats and ideas to express themselves. Poetry for them is like  micro tales which does not ends with rhyming words and proper line set, but those are meaning full. Long ago poetries are affecting visuals too from cinema to painting there are many theme based works are based on poetry.  

To felicitate the poets and poetry UNESCO (the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization) recognized 21st march 1999 in its 30th session in Paris as “World Poetry Day”. Before 1999 in 20th century the day was celebrated on 15th October as the birthday of famous ancient Rome poet Virgil of the Augustus period, still in some countries the day is recognized on the same month or in November. This day is also meant to uplift the new writing abilities and to promote the traditional poetic expression.

Neha Asawa

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