When you grow and people around can not grow !

I want to move on

And you are keeping

the same canon

Am I stupid

Or you are a fool

This is not at all cool

Love was stupid 

And therefore it was love

But life is not stupid

And I love life more than love

Why you are hurt

When I have grown

And my heart hurts

When it sees you cannot grow

I am your friend first

And therefore I cannot 

Kick you and throw 

But you dont want to grow

I am stable

And you an the same turn table

But listen

My stability won’t affect

Even if you keep 

On scratching that defect

I am helpless

But I will still help you

And help us till noon

Because I believe 

Sun if can burns us till noon

Its retreat will heal 

And give us back our

Peace called moon

And that too

Soon soon and soon

We will have our moon !

If your hope never dies😋

You won’t keep crying

And you will never stop trying

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving

Warrior Naina

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