Realatives – 1

When some people

unnecessarily minds

Your actions

And themselves moves

out of their minds

What should you say

about their mind

You have no words

For such idiots


And the formal relations

Trust me are worst

I wish I had only

Relations of heart

The ones which are attracted

To my heart

Those real ones

I want to care forever

The ones which equally

Wanted me forever

This fake ones

I wish I had to bear never

These people are

Truely unbareable

If you don’t like me

My behaviour

Stay out!

Pls don’t shout

The relatives they say

I wish realatives they were

They like X

They hate Y

And I really have no stakes

in either X or Y

Taunts  they make

Flaunts they make

And above that the fake smile

And fake help

You don’t want that

But you are forced to take

You not your parents are the reasons

Why you have to handshake

Even if it affects life you want to make

You can’t even break up with them

Nor you can break them up

They will hate you

And still be with you forever

And unfortunately Such relations

Are a part of your life

And you cannot say

Bye its over

And only you can bare them

Like headaches after hangover.

Take some lemon bites

And get rid of those hangover

Take out your frustration

You are helpless

its a common problem in our nation

Because the tension you are taking

The tension giver has given and gone

Why to rethink their comments

They were stupid enough

and also not what you own

I am writing

To come out of these

torture and fever

May you also find a

outlet to

Get out of their hangover.

Sometimes its too tough spreading love.

But we have to😏

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Realatives – 1

  1. Neither you can break up with them
    Nor we can break them up

    True very true dear, and this is why one should never mind them Too much

    Still when their shadows haunt
    When to your irritation they do taunt

    Just one thing you have to recall
    Do they matter in your life at all??

    From your predicament free your mind
    And in their fakeness fun you’d find

    Been there done that a hundred times
    So don’t let negativity your mind

    Coz your time is precious too much
    To lose over people as such

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