Language Eyes Speak…..

Is it possible not to speak and still able to send your message across subtly, is it possible to read what it going in your partner’s mind even when they are saying otherwise.

Someone curious asked me once to clear her dilemma over this. The words I chose to answer didn’t matter to her though because we understood what was being asked and what would be the reply.

And the poem below came out as an afterthought of the Interaction


Silently I gazed in her eyes

And had best conversation of life

Speech sometimes stammer

What lucidly speak the eyes


Coz inept is the tongue

Speak many languages it may

The narration of turmoil

Of heart it can never play


And too much  it is attuned

To be a mouthpiece of brain

And from speaking lies

It seldom refrain


But those two little lobes

Do more than just see

And truth they manifest

Of our sadness or glee


And they often are

Gateways of the soul

Though a guarded one

And not open to all


And the truths of heart

Who all beseech

Must pass this battery

To have them in reach


Gateway of the soul

Though a gaurded one

Not open to all

And there are even more lines that have touched me but how many can I quote all.😁

And I loved this one more because this writeup glorified eyes and somewhere I got connected because my name means eyes😉

Wonderful writeup again!

Keep scribbling Prankies!

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior




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