Realatives – 1

When some people unnecessarily minds Your actions And themselves moves out of their minds What should you say about their mind You have no words For such idiots Fomality And the formal relations Trust me are worst I wish I had only Relations of heart The ones which are attracted To my heart Those real … Continue reading Realatives – 1

George Bernard founded postivity in pessimism!

Did you just notice, George Bernard saw the world upside down.I mean how awesome is that he founded positivity in pessimism also🤗 George Bernard Shaw was an Irish writer, he has sometimes also be recognised as second to Willam Shakespeare. Read more about him George Bernard Shaw So, If you are an optimist and someday … Continue reading George Bernard founded postivity in pessimism!

Language Eyes Speak…..

Is it possible not to speak and still able to send your message across subtly, is it possible to read what it going in your partner's mind even when they are saying otherwise. Someone curious asked me once to clear her dilemma over this. The words I chose to answer didn't matter to her though … Continue reading Language Eyes Speak…..

Be a realists says William Arthur Ward !

William Arthur Ward is among the most quoted writer of America. To read more about him click the below link William Arthur Ward Pessimists  Optimists Or realists Who are you and who do you want to be? I think realist + optimist would be the best combination. Lets try to be the best combination. Have a nice day … Continue reading Be a realists says William Arthur Ward !