We encounter many firsts in life bit there are few firsts like no other.

This ode is an tribute to those first ones which hold a certain afflixtion in my heart.

Some always vie for first

For many last is better

But for me both

First and last equally matter

Though a special place

First one has in heart

And throughout eternity

It will last

The water stood still

Until the stone was hurled

And countless concentric circles

In water created ripples

Down the rabbit hole

Soon I descend

And amazed I was

As Alice in wonderland

The objects I loved

With so intensity

Could now feel them

In my vicinity

That first toy I had

And that lovely tricycle

The romp around the city

On first bicycle

Each one to his memory

Has firmly attached

Those lovely ” First Ones”

We ever had.

And though new one

Came and replace the old

A grip on our heart they

Certainly hold

My first hero ranger

Prized possession it was

And got hold of it when

Came first in the class

Not a nook was spared

Across the whole city

My bike and I seemed

Bound for perpetuity

Alas! It was not to be so

And we parted our way

Coz due to my carelessness

It was stolen away

A sleek silvery phone

L2, was my first mobile

Reminiscing about it

I often smile

Through period of ecstasy

And amidst pall of gloom

My phone stood by me

To the day of doom

It stored my happiness

Sadness it concealed

And to it my secrets

I often revealed

And I clearly remember

The day it broke down

Drenched in rain, i

For it mourned

And infinite list of first ones

I battled all night

And various hues of emotions

Kept me awake upright

Each and every moment

Etched deep in the heart

Now was laid bare

As soul was opened apart

Tangible  one I discussed

Abstruse I could not

For better they reside

In their hide out

Special they are and

Also the best

First ones, no denying that

Are far ahead than rest

One seldom values

The precious gifts one own

Sense it’s worth only

Long after they are gone

All first are special

But one exceeds all

And it’ll remain at pinnacle

And never will it fall

For first it was

Will also be last

will be in future

As it was in past

This ode is testimony


One I’ll never forget

In years to come


The first.🤔

I just wish Prankies ,

the first could always last

I mean first was the last also

Or first lasted forever.

And then 

I know your reply already my fellow scribbler 😁

You would say

Life is not perfect 😉 warrior!

But extremely good writeup

This gives a dejavu

This feeling of first✌🖒👌👌

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


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