Love story of a deserted Island and a bird !

Posting a poem which has always been close to my heart. Though written few years back;  i still consider to be one of my best for its allegorical form and the way plot delveloped. Hope you’d enjoy it

On a deserted Island
One, where no one would flock

There stood a lonely

Rugged and ugly rock

Tress grew all around

But all pale and withered

Apathy of nature was

All that it mirrored

Waves attacked the rock

Like fort it endured all

Relentlessly they tried

Could never make him fall

Never a scratch was found

On that gigantic rock

The hard lonely and ugly

Where no bird would flock

But one day a bird dared

To enter forbidden land

And her twitters brought

To boredom, an abrupt end

Flowers started blooming

Grass was green again

Fresh breeze started blowing

And there were the rains

With every tree and flower

Bird used to play

Even on that rock

For long she’d stay

What the waves couldn’t do

Was done by the rain

The rock was soft and muddy

The bird made it her den

On that she hopped around

The rock was thus marked

With claws and beaks

Where she had walked

So it was the spring

Days of joy and adventure

For eternity it’ll be there

Was the thought at that juncture

For every success around

Failure is not difficult to find

And through the Sunshine

Darkness lurks behind

One day when island woke

Bird was nowhere to be found

Empty was the sky

So was the ground

Sad as they were

They went to the rock

One where the bird

Lived, hopped and walked

The rock stood there

With wild arrogance

Its sadness beneath harshness

Everybody could sense

They left him all alone

And he got hard again

But with marks and bites

And an eternal pain

It rained again today

But no gentle breeze blew

A storm knocked of all trees

Over which the bird flew

The rock is still there

Thwarting relentless waves

Neither he gives up

Nor in, he caves

Marks are visible

But to experienced eyes

A void remains inside

With a reverberating voice

Sometimes a moment spent

Worth spending lifetime

Through darkness of loneliness

It shows you SUNSHINE.

The words can be felt.

and I got a reply for the question that arose in my mind when I just read your previous post “first”.

I don’t know may be I connected them coincidently because I read them today itself😁

So, what if first cannot last 

Sometimes a moment spent

Is worth spending life time.

It was really a happy reading for me.

Thanks Prankies

Happy reading readers!

Yours loving warrior


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