A Holi Undefined !

Once upon a time there lived
a small town girl 👧

in an urbanised metroplace

And this was the first holi

She was away from her place🙍

The girl had seen  only warmth

In the festivals uptil now💁

Family and friends had

always been around in her town

For the first time 

She was alone but 🙎

was still trying to manage somehow

Her  roommates had left for their home

Her plans failed last moment 

and she couldn’t go 

But she was still happy🙋

At least she was trying to show

Then she decided 

Why to be sad🙅

“I can celebrate holi

With my tab (Tablet)📲

Sending messages and💌

speaking to old friends could be a good idea ”

Cheered up again she was👧

This is also an experience she thought

Then she, all of a sudden

Heard some noise

Peeped from her window

To see as if everything was fine🙍

She saw her wicked neighbour 
Beside her flat

He had a fierce face🕵

and that holi day 

As if he had become more fierce

Loud music 🕪

Painted with chemical colours🖌

Fully drunk 😈

He with his friends was having fun

The little girl was 😞

Now filled with fear seeing their fun

Tightly she closed her door🏚

Curtains tightly clinched

Eveything was ok👍👎

Though her heartbeats were high😏

But she said to herself with sigh

“May be I am thinking more 

It is holi 🎨

And its OK👀

And OK is the noise and roar”

Again she sat on her armchair

Logged in to facebook📲

Holi wishes she began to share

Then her doorbell rang🗣

Her heart again shrank

She gathered courage

and opened the door

It was her neighbour🕴

Yes! that fierce one👤👺

And looking him she was stunned

His knock to her door was rare

His eyes was fierce 😕

And fiery was the way he stared

She but still boldly spoke

“What do you want?”

He said with the wicked smile😈

” Happy holi !😬

Can I get some water?

There is some problem in my flat’s pipeline

Please,give me some water”

She was shocked😳

And then her mind knocked

Is this the real reason 

Why he has knocked?”😰

She again took a deep breath

And opened the fridge

And gave him a bottle 🍶

And immediately she made the door shut

As if she wanted this incident to be cut

As if she just escaped something fishy

That his fierce eyes stored😞

Her delicate heart 

Had never seen such situation before

She couldn’t understand

Tears to her cheeks rolled😢

And Her phone rang

It was her mother with a voice cold

Every one in the family missed her

But she couldn’t speak much

She knew what would happen

To her parent’s heart 😶

When they would hear 

all her fears and fuss she had to bear

To the family she could’nt share

She then called her bestfriend 😋

And spoke everything 


Even talking to her bestfriend

For the first time😥

Couldn’t make her fearless anymore

Her bestfriend was also far

And was worried and helpless more

And he tried to make her feel better

But nothing made her feel again fine

She couldn’t💆

Just could’t define

Why was she hurt😵

Nothing had happened

It was just fear😨

But that made her feel teared

And she had it all alone beared

Thinking she just fell asleep 

A small nap🛌

Her fear

And she had a horror dream

Which was broken by a phone call

It was a new friend😀

She had just made in the new city

Just a few days old voice

Made her rejoice😍

This new friend asked 

“What are you doing?

Come out, why are you sitting in the house

Come,lets celebrate 🤗

Its holi ” he said

She was already in a fear 

By someone who was fierce

How could she trust🤔

Another new voice

In this new city

And now it was her choice

She had decided after that incident

That she won’t step out🤐

Untill her roomates return 


Just her heart recognised 

That positive vibe💗

A newly made friend’s voice 

made her rejoice

She said “ yes 😌

Lets meet 

But please come beside my door

I can’t come out all alone”

Then he came to fetch🤓

And soon they were out

Feeling the wind

And coloured roads around

Her heart wanted to shout🙋

What the entire day she had felt

But how to a newest friend she could spell

But she somehow managed and spoke her heart👫

Not exactly she could define

But her feelings by themselves reached that 


May be not a correct word🙅

Because they were already friends

Though a new friendship💁

But may be this friendship that day grew deeper

When he scolded her

On listening to her heart

First patiently

He said

“You are a grown up lady 

Why are you so fearful😮

And its not good

To think so innocently 😒

I may sound rude

But you should not panic😌

Or shout

You should not doubt

Trust yourself😀

Don’t have this fear so loud

Even if someday

your fears unfortunately are

not like today proved wrong😏

You promise me to fight at 

that moment and remain strong”🤗

And he said come I will take you 

To all the streets👫

Move out and

See how was holi 

Played in these streets

And they reached back 

Near her flat

That stroll👫

Made her rethink 💆

On her own role

Was she playing right

She was supposed to be🤔😇

Happy and fearless always

In day and night👸

In every ride

She understood her own strength

She bid him good bye👼

And then went inside her flat

This time she was feeling better

And she was restful🙃

And calmed😃

She was singing her favourite song 🎶

And may be she got more power

She took the shower🚿

And slept with a smile🤗

A heart was coloured 🎨that day

With FEARFUL RED ❤in the morning

And POWERFUL RED ❤in the night

She had broken her bars

And she was no more confined

And she had just 

experienced a Holi Undefined !💁

A very happy holi to all!

If you felt the story, my job as a writer was perfectly done.☺😉🤗☺😋😊


if you understood my message with the story, your job as a reader was more perfectly done.🤗☺😊

I wish all of you experience colours in your life.

  • That Innocent small town girl,may be that is your heart which is red❤,Poweful red or fearful red,you yourself have to shade
  • That family and that caring mother,may be that is yellow💛.The joy which will be yours even when you go low.
  • That bestfriend is green 💚who may be helpless at times and couldn’t help you but will be with you forever because your best friend has to be evergreen.
  • That fierce stranger is black💣. Unless you had black you can’t feel white.If black was not there white would have been nothing more than a blank.
  •  Now that stranger or that new friend is White👼🕯🕊. White is the positive vibe which can be experienced anywhere and that is something what you call silence and peace. If you trust white black is nothing but its just equivalent to no colour and white is nothing but a good blended mixture of all colours.

May this holi colors your life with flying colours.😄😄

And if you cannot yourself fly, help someone’s flight.

Keep spreading love
Don’t use chemical colours,loud music and don’t get drunk, there may be a innocent heart feared by your fun and also its not good for your health.

And if those innocent hearts are reading this..stop being stupidly innocent,just be stronger and innocent.

Again a very happy and safe holi for tomorrow! 

Yours loving

Warrior Naina🤗

3 thoughts on “A Holi Undefined !

  1. Felt and understood the overwhelming power of your pen
    And love the way of narratives coming from your den

    Wonderful plot, clairvoyant proceeding and a thoughtful message indeed.
    And you are sensibly you present the need for black too
    Happy holi warrior and other readers of the blog

    Liked by 1 person

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