A Holi Undefined !

Once upon a time there lived a small town girl 👧 in an urbanised metroplace And this was the first holi She was away from her place🙍 The girl had seen  only warmth In the festivals uptil now💁 Family and friends had always been around in her town For the first time  She was alone … Continue reading A Holi Undefined !


  HOLI: LET'S ADD COLORS TO LIFE I wish RED be the color of love and passion and not the stain on a teenagers' cloth she is ashamed of, I wish GREEN be the color of fertility in our farms,so that no farmer commits suicide, I wish YELLOW be the color of sunshine every orphan … Continue reading HOLI : LET’S ADD COLORS TO LIFE

This is how India plays holi !

“Holi” the festival of colors, the festival of love, the festival of friendship, the festival of forgiveness, the festival of fun and enjoyment.  Holi signifies the entrance of spring season and progress of winter season. Holi is commonly celebrated in India, Nepal and other countries with Hindu population. Some non-Hindus now-a-days have also started the … Continue reading This is how India plays holi !

Sad songs (say so much) lyrics review 

Though I'm not much fan of English songs and it's quite rare for me to tune them and listen, the songs of elton John with their superb lyrics and melodious music are my favorites and inspirations for my poems.  YOUTUBE LINK : Elton John - Sad Songs (Say So Much) "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" … Continue reading Sad songs (say so much) lyrics review