7th May 1971,this day had a permanent place in her memory

The day when her husband died

The day she was tagged a widow

She was a widow for the society

But also the mother of seven daughters.

Two out of seven were married,three in college and two in school.

She was a widow,a mother,

But for me she was BRAVE.

Brave enough to stand and speak in a place and time where women were a mere commodity.

Brave enough to step out of the house to earn a living.

Brave enough to shut people who thought she was ‘wasting’ money  on her daughters’ education

Instead she should ‘save’ it for their dowry.

Brave enough to overcome all the stereotypes of the patriarchal society.

I got very little time to spend with her

But today when I see those seven strong willed women she raised,


For me she is the true definition of Feminism.

When people hear about her they say,”your granny was MAN OF THE HOUSE”

To which I proudly reply,”she was THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE”.

-Totally Twitterpatted

First of all welcome twitterpatted and second kudos you just awesomly expressed it.

Salute to your grandma and to all the women like her.

Thanks for sharing this truely inspirational story here!

Happy reading readers.

Yours loving warrior


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