White curtains

White walls

I found myself

in hospital hall

Flowers and care

was all around

Friends and family

warmth surrounds

was OK now

Diagnosis buried me but

medication was now

bringing me back

Everything was now

moving back in rack

but I understood

this time

It was my fault

It was me who

took health lightly

every time

now I decided

to be perfect with my lifestyle

I will eat on time

sleep on time

and won’t allow

this situation to return and mime

Although neglecting it

was sometimes my choice

taking it easy

sometimes I said

Why to exercise when I can rest

but sometimes it was more than choice


made me neglect

and when I had to select

I had my family,my work

which made my priorities effect

but now I understand

Health has to be first


this second opportunity

my master is giving me

I won’t rust

I won’t let it rust

Health and health has to be first !

Stay healthy! Stay blessed!

Keep spreading love!

Yours loving warrior



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