Tujhe se mera deen dharam hai , mujhse teri khudai…..

This is lyrics review for song called Bulleya from bollywood movie Sultan (2016). In case you haven’t heard the song, go to the following youtube link to hear the music and then to feel the music, read the awesome lyrics review here.

Youtube link – Bulleya (Movie: Sultan)

Someone has rightly said that , a happy heart hears the music, a sad one knows the lyrics.

The section which so beautifully celebrates the lyrics of the songs which often get in the lost in loud decibels of music these days, in this write up i’d like to share my views on one of my favorite song of the recent times, an elegantly written romantic song that eulogizes the separation and very adorably brings out the lover’s desire to be with the beloved yet showing he is not sad and unhappy being away from her, and enjoying the separation as much as being with her.Ghalib very eloquently described the oxymoron of the love in his famous couplet;

” Mohabbat mein nahi hai fark jeene aur marne ka;

Usi ko Dekh kar jeete hain jis jaalim pe dum nikale!!

So, lets enjoy this delightful creation of Irshad Kamil. 

 कुछ रिश्तों का नमक ही दूरी होता है

ना मिलना भी बोहत ज़रूरी होता है

दम दम दम दम तू मेर दम दम दम दम मेरा हल  दम दम दम दम

तू मेरा  दम दम दम दम मेरा हल  दम दम दम दम

A teaspoon or sometimes even less , a pinch sometimes , still the presence of the salt is necessary to make the food wholesome, and to this the poet links the seperation from the beloved in life being an important part in love for it makes one understand the importance of being together, and this sufi song takes off lucidly after the introduction.

तू बात करे या ना मुझसे,   चाहे आँखों का पैगाम न ले,   पर ये मत कहना अरे ओ पगले मुझे देख ना तू, मेरा नाम ना ले

I love you, and you cant stop me from loving you; You may not take my messages or  you may ignore me but you cannot deny me the pleasure i beget from your smile, by remembering you.

तुझे मेरा दीन धरम है मुझसे तेरी खुदाई तुझे मेरा दीन धरम है मुझसे तेरी खुदाई

You are my God , you are my religion, but know a fact for sure that your Godness is due to me, for what is a God without a devotee.

तू बोले तो बन जाऊं मैं बुल्लेह शाह सौदाई मैं भी नाचूं मैं भी नाचूं मानाऊँ सोहने यार को चलूँ मैं तेरी राह बुल्लेया मैं भी बाचुं रिझाऊँ सोहने यार को करूँ ना परवाह बुल्लेया

I’ll dance like mad in the love of my beloved and forget whole world in the process, I’ll become bulle shah in placating your heart and love you as none can love you


मना अपना इश्क़ अधुरा दिल ना इसपे शर्मिंदा है पूरा होक ख़तम हुआ सब जो है आधा वो ही जिंदा है

Some love stories are not meant to be complete, for completion in other word is end, and the desire and the intensity of a love which is still incomplete the one where the lover still yearns for the beloved is not to ashamed of but it is much more perfect than eny other perfect ending

हो बैठी रहती है उमीदें तेरे घर की देह्लीजों पे जिसकी ना परवाज़ ख़तम हो दिल ये मेरा वही परिंदा है बक्शे तू जो प्यार से मुझको तो हो मेरी रिहाई

You may not forgve me, or reciprocate my love, still my hopes will not die, and my heart is a bird whose flight will never end; for i’ll love you always, and if you want to release me from the suffering then love me back otherwise i’ll continue to bask in the loving you all by myself


तू याद करे या ना मुझको मेरे जीने में अंदाज़ तेरा सर आँखों पर है तेरी नाराजी मेरी हार में है कोई राज़ तेरा शायद मेरी जान का सदका मागे तेरी जुदाई

You might have forgotten me but my attitude, my charater draw inspiration from you way of life and the more i think of you more i love you and more i become like you. Your anger, your avoidance is as sweet to me as your love is , and i would volunatarily sacrifice my love on the altar of our love that is ” Judaai” or seperation

कुछ रिश्तों का नमक ही दूरी होता है ना मिलना भी बोहत ज़रूरी होता है

Hope you enjoyed the reading.


Pura hoke khatam hua sab😏

Jo aadha hai vahi zinda hai😌

What more justification can be done to a half love story. This lyrics really celebrates impossible love and seperated lovers.

After reading this with all your heart, I don’t think you will ever regret for a half love story you had yourself or via a friend witnessed.

The wonderful song.

The wonderful lyrics.


The wonderful translation and interpretation by  Prankies.

You did complete justice to the song.All I have to say is thank you so much for doing this.

Happy reading people!

Remain Musical!

Yours loving

Warrior Naina

One thought on “Tujhe se mera deen dharam hai , mujhse teri khudai…..

  1. Thank you warrior for your supportive words . That para reminds me of a couplet of madhushala by Dr Harivansha rai Bachchan

    Pyaar nahi pa jaane mein hai,
    Paane ke armaano mein hai
    Mil jati to haai na lagti
    Itni pyari madhushala


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