Maaaa…. HBD

I miss u, yes i miss uh

Mumy i need uh💟😣
All though i m happy here
Still u r alys missed
My ears can here ur voice daily
But my eyes search for uh daily.😭
Mumy ur missed😣😣
Hundreds of peoples r there to care for me
But no one is there whoem i can hug so tight…
Here r people to listen to me
But no one is there to correct me..
Mumy ur missed…😣😣
Alys hated uh for ur scolding
But today u r missed for those scoldings…
Food we get is tastier enough
But taste of ur food is alys missed..
Mumy ur missed..😣😣
Everyone says neha u r mature enough
But telling uh truth being kiddish is my choice to be urs for life….
Love frm u i got was alys on its heights..
But missing uh such was not my choice..

Mumy u r seriously missed…😣😣….
I miss u .. yess i miss uh..
Mumy i need uh..😭😭


I am reminded of my days away from my mom , the days in hostel.

Yes she is the one who is most misssd.

What a coincidence 😄😅😉

Both of our moms are born on same day angel.


Happy reading ppl!

Have a nice day!

Yours loving warrior 


One thought on “Maaaa…. HBD

  1. A poem by pyari bitiya. Good poem.

    लबों पे उसके कभी बद्दुआ नहीं होती
    बस एक माँ है जो मुझसे ख़फ़ा नहीं होती

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