True love – 4

Trust and don’t keep expectations :

A wise man told me 

Just few days before yesterday

That recipe of 

Happiest and true love 

Is to trust and never expect

Hearing the recipe 

I felt angelic 

I felt respect

However, when I went 

Into the thought deeper

I could find the loopholes

The simpler it sound

But it was really difficult

I mean 

How can you trust and not expect?

I really doubt

I really suspect

Because as soon

 as you trust him/her

You automatically 

develop a thought that

he/she is yours

and will disappoint you never

You unknowingly 

Develop a hope 

with your trustworthy 

And this hope 

grows up sturdy

Into expectations tree

And then 

its almost impossible 

To remain carefree

Quite tricky it is

Take some pain

And read it again

If you get correctly 

the loophole I am talking about

Just never get into it

However loud your heart shouts

The wise man’s

Advice was correct

But practicing it is

Not easy 

But still learn it somehow

Your relationships

Will never turn crazy 

Hope you find true love!

Till then keep spreading it whatever you have😉…I mean whatever love you have😅😄

Yours loving warrior


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