Destiny : miser or wiser!

Well,destiny! Badi kutti cheez hai😌

Though sounds filmy but quite correct!

If you 

Think, it is miser

You will feel like to roar

Like not living any more

Why with me?

This destiny 

made such situations

I had to face frustrations

And the compromises

I had to make

Although I was

somehow fine before

Today it has turned fake

Why was it so miser to me 

It has given me so less

Nothing is even left to confess

Always I had to adjust

Can’t it be a little more just?😣

But wait 

There is other way to think

Remember that example

On which we always 

made a blink

Half glass empty

Or half glass full

And we always

Used to choose correct 

And become cool

And thought yes!thats so easy

Today when time has come to apply

It is making us crazy

It is you 

And your brains 

That can say to your heart 

Destiny is not miser 

Its wiser mere yaar !🙄😌

If it has done this 

It would have thought better

For sure

After all it is my doctor

And it is my cure

Because everything that 


Happens for our best

Its better to rest

And living all tensions

Enjoy it like fest

See,honestly speaking 

Nothing can be done much

And if you are aware 

That is the case

Why not

Lets enjoy this race

The way you think is

The way you become

Thats the power of our thoughts

And that power is sufficient

To get sort

Lets not think much

Because there is 

no solution as such 

Just trust

The wiser destiny

Who are you

To put it on scrutiny!

Keep celebrating the wisest friend you have, your destiny 😎

And keep spreading love!

Yours loving warrior


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